Brian, Owner

Environmental Epidemiologist

Professional Industrial Hygienist

Registered Environmental Health Specialist

Certified Professional in Food Safety

Permaculture Design Certification

Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor

Certified Building Biological and Ecology Consultant (IT)

Brian is an Environmental Epidemiologist, Industrial Hygienist (PIH), Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor (EMRS), Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS), Permaculturist, and Building Biology Environmental Consultant (IT) (BBEC-IT) and has trained (and consulted for) many doctors, dentists, and scientists in North America and throughout the world.  His areas of interest in the healthy building world are at the cutting edge of environmental medicine and disease prevention: design of homes, medical clinics, and other buildings, as well as remediation and mitigation of problems in existing buildings.  Healthy House Doctors specializes in rigorous assessments of indoor environmental health factors from the perspective of the increased health and medical harms to people and their animals due to environmental toxins.


As an applied scientist, Mr. Bunn’s foci relate to the fields of Environmental Medicine, Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality, damp and water-damaged buildings, microbial issues (such as from fungi/mold/mildew/bacteria/yeast/viruses), electromagnetic fields / radiation (EMF/EMR), water quality, home design, materials, and furnishings.  Mr. Bunn fills gaps between: academia and the field, as well as the doctor's office and the built environment.  He works with doctors’ and dentists’ patients, national organizations, as well as healthy and health-challenged clients, children, and families.


Having attended the Indiana University School of Medicine, Fairbanks School of Public Health, Indiana University School of Public Health, and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Mr. Bunn has obtained education and training toward a double-masters in Epidemiology (the study of the transmission and control of disease) & Environmental Health Science (how our environment contributes to or improves disease), as well as a Naturopathic Medical Doctorate.


Mr. Bunn has worked at nearly all levels of government (county, state, federal, and tribal) and worked federally with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service and U.S. Public Health Service as well as for dozens of tribal reservations throughout the U.S.  He was Environmental Health and Safety Director and Institutional Environmental Control Officer relating to Occupational Safety & Health in hospitals, medical and dental clinics, and residences run by the U.S. Public Health Service and local tribes.  Additionally, he served as Incident Commander and Safety Officer during various emergencies relating to the U.S. Ebola outbreak and during a Level-II mass-casualty event which shut down a hospital and medical clinic which included participation under his guidance from the Arizona National Guard and HAZMAT teams on more than one occasion.


He has worked in environmental consulting for more than 15 years in various capacities and has an extensive research background into iatrogenic disease (caused by the medical and dental system), environmental disease, food systems, vaccinations, and much more.  He has presented at scientific and medical conferences and medical schools on topics relating to healthy homes, schools, and buildings, endocrine disrupting (and other hazardous) chemicals, electromagnetic fields and radiation, mold and water-damaged buildings and microbial toxins.


Mr. Bunn has evaluated and recommended remedial measures in well over 200 residential, commercial, medical, and dental buildings.   He has presented at numerous scientific and medical venues (conferences, schools, organizations, courses, etc.) as well as being featured on Eco-Arizona, and has appeared on numerous other radio programs and has an extensive public speaking background for more than 20 years.


Mr. Bunn is published in several peer-reviewed articles and chapters on chemicals and electromagnetic radiation (publications can be found at his credentials page:

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