Brian is truly one-of-a-kind! His personal and professional experience, as well as his deeply rich knowledge base, allows him to help others in ways very few can. Brian has been a true asset in my life, and I’ve called on his expertise on multiple occasions to assess and treat potentially health-hazardous situations in my home. He is very thorough in his approach, prices his services fairly given the immense life-saving value he offers, and most of all, he truly cares about the health and well-being of you and your family. I hold Brian in the highest esteem, and recommend him whole-heartedly to anyone who is serious about creating a safe home environment for you and your loved ones. Our world needs you now more than ever Brian. Thank you for the beautiful work that you do!

  • Dr. Jamil Sayegh N.M.D

Brian (& Healthy House Doctors) is a critical component of what's going on in the home.  What they're doing is critical to the health and lives of people and most cases don't get better until the work is done.  If people are invested in the wrong areas of their home, health, and environment they will become or continue to be sick.  Identifying all of the factors that are part of complex medical and health issues is absolutely essential.  Healthy House Doctors focus on things that matter and those things are different for each family member.  Most importantly, unlike many others they do not offer false hope and tell things straight.

  • Dr. Joyce Young, N.D.

Brian (and Healthy House Doctors) quite literally saved my life. I was struggling with chronic illness from various environmental exposures, including a water damaged home and workplace, high EMF exposure, dental amalgam fillings, chemical exposures, and more. My quality of life was very poor; crushing fatigue, neurological dysfunction, whole body weakness, brain fog, chemical sensitivity, and other debilitating symptoms made it difficult to work, let alone enjoy life.

Healthy House Doctors took a comprehensive approach to help me peel back layers to get to the root cause of these symptoms. They took me out of the fire and started to put out the flames using a targeted approach of removing all potential sources of environmental exposures and using food and homeopathy as medicine. From EMF radiation to water quality/filtration to water damage in the home, Brian and his team leave no stone unturned when looking for potential causes of illness in both the home and body. They aren’t your average “mold inspector,” or "EMF inspector", or "doctors" as they look at so much more than this. They have empowered me with the knowledge and expertise to finally get my health back on track.

It is so important to find a team of professionals who fully understand the complexity and nuances when dealing with serious chronic health issues. The attention to my case history and individual needs was so appreciated and something that I have not found with other medical and environmental professionals, and all in one spot too! Their knowledge about and passion for creating and building healthy environments shows in the work that they do. After spending so much money with countless medical doctors, holistic nutritionists, and naturopathic doctors, I didn’t truly start to turn my health around until I started learning from and working with Healthy House Doctors. I highly recommend entrusting them with your health- the quality of your life depends on it!

  • Mary C.

​​I wish I could go back 3-4 years and hire Healthy House Doctors immediately and bring them across the country for my environmental and medical needs! 


Your health is absolutely worth it as you can't put a price on health. 


Healthy House Doctors has a very holistic comprehension of nearly everything everyone is exposed to and knows how to help people get their health back.  They (Healthy House Doctors) are looking at environmental illness from multiple perspectives, unlike most most people who are sick, who are drowning and searching for any answers and throwing money everywhere, and finally finds a support group for a single, specific cause (Mold/CIRS, Lyme, EMF, MCS, etc.), but that is only a small portion of what's going on.  They (Healthy House Doctors) look at the root causes for how to solve problems.


Many people are out there scrambling; yet Healthy House Doctors has done the research already and have information and wisdom for nearly everything imaginable.  When  they don't have something specific they know exactly how to find the best information in the scientific and medical literature. 


Healthy House Doctors suggests the very best and safest products (I think there were one or two that I thought might be better, but almost always, I was wrong and I research this stuff and have tried hundreds of products)!  To find those things takes a lot of time and money and resources that many of us don't have, plus many of those that I found made me sicker and took me down dark roads that took a lot to recover from! 


Healthy House Doctors taught me how to see the mistakes that everyone makes (including many physicians) even though their doctors suggest these things as treatments and are a path back to health. 


There is so much conflicting information and Healthy House Doctors is able to use a science-based approach for why X works or doesn't

  • Fogging: I learned the hard way several times. 

  • Ozone: again, I learned the hard way

  • Mold Inspectors: same thing

  • Mold Remediatiors: this too

  • Mold Cleanup: yet again 

  • Tents and camping: I learned the hard way ignoring much of the Healthy House Doctors' advice. 

  • Healthy House Doctors helped me learn that this or that doesn't do what you think it's doing at all

  • Sadly the effects can be permanent as I've seen people dying because of the wrong choices.


The histories that you (Healthy House Doctors) do are incredible, covering so many things that I've never even heard about, let alone thought could be impacting my health.


Whether it's EMF, chemicals, mold, lyme, etc., If I compare you to say the two mold inspectors and remediation people we used, they were so incredibly limited in their scope of what they do and they caused more problems!  You've done a lot better assessing and fixing these problems with the most best and least expensive solutions.


My not finding you sooner cost me my marriage.  If you would have been there to explain to my ex-husband, I know he would have understood it and I'd probably still have a happy marriage instead of having two families turn on me for seeming crazy. 


Things that Healthy House Doctors has told me are unlike any of the people speaking out online or at any of the summits I've wasted my money on (don't get me wrong, there's still plenty of good information, but knowing which is important in any one situation is the key!)


Healthy House Doctors taught me that it's never JUST mold or JUST EMF, or JUST chemicals, or JUST building design, or JUST Lyme disease or other names of diseases.  It's so many other things.  While it is EMF, and chemicals, building design, various infections and toxicities in the body, it's also how to heal those as well because they're integral to healing. 


Your help in navigating these issues has helped me get my body, my brain, my future, and most importantly, my life(!) back. 

  • Nina B

After more than a year we finally listened to your advice and did what you had told us to do regarding the mold.  We spent so much money and listened to so many different people our head was spinning.  In the end what you had told us in our kitchen in the very first hour of you meeting with us in our home is what made the biggest difference.  My health and especially my daughter's health has taken a huge turn for the better.  We are so very grateful for you and wish we would have brought you in again sooner to reassess our progress.  We won't make that mistake again!

  • Olivia W.


Thank you again for all your work!!  We are moving into my parents next week and looking to buy a new house ASAP and will need your help at each step. Thank you so much once again not only for the wisdom, but also for helping us figure out where to best prioritize our limited funds!!

  • Allison B.